Alexander John Scott's family are best known for their literary work of which the publication of The Book of Sun Dials, by his daughter, and of the children's book Jackanapes by his grandaughter are possibly the best known.

His grandson, Alfred, was to become Sir Alfred Scott-Gatty, Garter King-of arms.

John Alexander Scott had written to a friend, Rev. G. Thomas,.......'I never mean to marry for love, you must know, but I desire you will look out for me......' On 28th December 1801 Lord Nelson had recommened Scott to Charterhouse. It was whilst in Jamaica that Scott hear that he had been presented with the living at Southminster, Essex, where he made his first 'Easter Return'(of Marriages, Burials and Baptisms) in 1807.

Later that same year he was to marry Frances Mary Ryder - the daughter of the Registrar of Charterhouse. This was opposed by her parents on the grounds of Scott's age but they married in secret and she returned to live with her parents at Hendon. They eventually relented and the couple were re-married at Hendon on 9th July. Two daughters were born, Horatia in 1809 and Margaret in 1810. Their mother died the following year at her parent's home at Hendon.

Margaret married a young curate, Alfred Gatty, of Bellerby, Yorkshire. They had ten children as follows;

The Books published by Margaret Gatty nee Margaret Scott;

The 1863 'British Sea Weeds' and the 1872 'The Book of Sun Dials' are to this day considered as reference books.

The books published by Juliana Horatia Gatty - (Julie) Mrs A. Ewing.

The 1879 publication of 'Jackanapes' is by far the best known of her books.


'Armourial Families' Vol 2 David & Charles Re-print. for Alexander John Scott Scott-Gatty

'Dictioary of National Biography' Alfred Gatty1813-1903 and Margaret Gatty 1809-1873.

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